This Week in Bitcoin

Here’s a quick round-up on all of the happenings in the world of Bitcoin last week.

  • There are now 1 million addresses that hold 1 full #bitcoin 
    Exchange balances continue to deplete while the number of “wholecoiner” Bitcoin addresses hit new highs.
  • Brazil passes law to legalize crypto as a payment method
    While Brazil has not made Bitcoin legal tender as El Salvador did last year, the South-American nation has passed a law that legalizes crypto payments throughout the country. 
  • Italy to impose 26% capital gains tax on crypto profits
    Italy is planning to tighten regulations on digital currencies in 2023 by expanding its tax laws to include cryptocurrency trading, according to budget documentation released on Dec 1.
    The 26% capital gains tax will be imposed on cryptocurrency trading profits larger than 2,000 euros ($2,062).
  • Fidelity Begins Opening Retail Bitcoin Trading Accounts
    Fidelity, one of the world’s largest financial services companies, has begun to open retail bitcoin trading accounts to its 40M clients, with 9.6 trillion dollar assets under administration.
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