It’s Time for GoSats Bitcoin Premier League!

Has the cricket fever gripped you yet?

With the IPL starting later today, it seems we are into a few months of cricket fever spreading across India. Here at GoSats, we’re getting into the thick of the action with the GoSats Bitcoin Premier League or BPL as we like to call it.

The rules (or should we call it rewards) for BPL are as follows:

  • Earn 100% extra Bitcoin rewards on all brand vouchers during IPL match hours.
  • Every week (usually Monday – Sunday unless specified), the highest stacker(s) of the week earn special bonus rewards
  • For Week 1 (Mar 26 – Apr 3), the highest stacker of the week will earn Rs5000 worth of Bitcoin.

That’s it!

With the IPL running till almost the end of May, that’s a lot of time to help build up your stack of Bitcoin.

Enjoy the cricket during IPL, and the stacking during BPL!

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