Free Bitcoin Bonus-Highest Stacker Kaun

Highest Stacker Promo

The markets have been rough the past few days. Ever since GoSats launched, this is the cheapest bitcoin has been and we want to help you #StackTheDip by earning free bitcoin.

Starting from today till the 31st of May, 2021, the total amount spent in purchasing vouchers will give you a chance to win 100% of INR spent back in “satoshis”.

For eg. If you were the highest spender on GoSats this week with let’s say Rs. 50,000, you would get 50,000 sats (0.0005 BTC) as a bonus for free.

  • Winner 1: Get 100% of INR Spent in Sats Back
  • Winner 2: Get 75% of INR Spent in Sats Back
  • Winner 3: Get 50% of INR Spent in Sats Back

Winners will be announced on June 1st and free bitcoin won will be credited into the user’s GoSats Wallet.

Download the GoSats App and start stacking!

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